Fasting and Praying for a new job and career opportunities

Changing careers or jobs at any time in your life is a critical decision. Often we make these decisions hastily without really conferring with God.  
Making sure that you are hearing from God about which career path to choose, when you should change careers or even IF you should change careers at all is crucial for moving forward.
For such a time as this, solitude before God would be beneficial and I would dare say mandatory – which is why I want to share with you 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting for Career Change.
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40 Days of Prayer and Fasting for Career Change

Fasting is a spiritual discipline that requires self-denial usually of food – however it can also be anything that you view as a hindrance or distraction from God. Before you embark on this fast, pray about and think about any distractions or habits in your life that is keeping you from hearing the Holy Spirit.
What ever God impresses upon you – be it food, social media, television, certain hobbies –  I would fast from that over the next 40 days. It doesn’t have to be complicated – and you may not be perfect at it but I believe that God honors our desire to put Him first when we fast.
After you’ve prayed and decided how you’re going to fast, you’ll want to spend some time in prayer and reflection. Below I have 40 prayers and scriptures to get you started but feel free to use your own and maybe even keep a prayer journal as you go through this process.

God is going to show up for you in some marvelous and unexpected ways during your time of dedicated prayer and fasting over your career path.
You may not get the answer you want but you will get what you need – a more intimate relationship with the Father!

40 Prayers for Career Change

Day 1. Jesus, Give me peace and clarity to help me make the right decision. (John 14:27)

Day 2. Grant me success in the path that you’ve chosen for me. (Nehemiah 2:20

Day 3.  Remind me daily that a new career is about working for you and NOT being admired by others.  (Colossians 3:23-24

Day 4.  In order to follow your plan for my life, I will continually seek your word for wisdom and direction. (Joshua 1:8)

Day 5. Help to make the kingdom of God my main focus and the career change I’m seeking secondary. (Luke 12:31)

Day 6. Appoint me that I might commit my work to the Kingdom. Convict my heart to show me where worldly goods and comfort come before you.  (John 15:16

Day 7. Give me clarity to know if this new position is according to your will and not my own selfish ambition. (1 John 5:14-15Day 8. Help me make your will my complete and total focus regardless what career path I’m on.  (Acts 20:24

Day 9. Relieve me of any anxiety so that I may be able to sit calmly with you prior to making any life-changing decisions. (Psalm 46:10)

Day 10. I exalt your name Father, if you promote me to a new career or if you tell me to remain where I am. (Psalms 145:1

Day 11. I surrender all to you, Lord Jesus, to follow the path that you have laid specifically for me. (Proverbs 3:5-6

Day 12, I accept and receive whatever guidance you give me, even if it seems impossible. (Luke 1:38)

Day 13. Father, give me servant’s heart so that I may have discernment while making this change in my life. (Psalm 119:125)

Day 14: Show me the direction I need to take by confirming it in your word, Father God. (Psalms 119:59)  

Day 15: Deliver me from fear that keeps me from making the right decision. (1 John 4:18

Day 16: Lord, I honor and praise you continually, even if you don’t choose to move me and keep me in my current position. (Hebrews 13:15

Day 17: I believe without a doubt that the Lord will fulfill all of His promises to me! (Luke 1:45

Day 18: Father, I am completely filled with the desire to do the work you’ve called me to! (John 4:34

Day 19: Supply all of my needs and provision as I embark on this new career, in Jesus Name. (Philippians 4:19

Day 20. I set my heart towards God’s plans for me and I am not attached to my own. (Proverbs 19:21

Day 21.  Father, you are well acquainted with my desire to walk in purpose for You implanted it in me so that I may follow You. (Psalm 139:16

Day 22. .Give me the desire to make the career decision that You have called me to and not the one I’m most comfortable with.  (Jeremiah 6:16

Day 23. I’m determined to be excellent, whether in my new career or my current job. (1 Corinthians 15:58

Day 24. When I follow God’s direction for my life, I am always blessed! (Deuteronomy 28:8

Day 25. Give me Godly wisdom as I seek to change careers and direction for my life. (Proverbs 13:10

Day 26.  I know that you will show me the direction for my life, when I put Your will and Your ways first in my life. (Matthew 6:33

Day 27. Give me the ability to renew my mind and perspective as I seek clarity about changing careers. (Romans 12:2

Day 28. Deliver me from any sin, trap or snare that keeps me from following the path and purpose you have ordained for me. (Psalm 119:133

Day 29. Grant me peace regardless of what path you decide for me to travel. Guide me down the direction that will most honor you. (Isaiah 26:3

Day 30. I’m determined to spend more time seeking and listening to the Holy Spirit in order to discern the voice of God in my life. (John 16:13

Day 31. No matter how long it takes, I will trust in God and what He has promised me. (Hebrews 10:35-36

Day 32. As I seek clarity on this career change – I continue to worship and revere God with my life. (Psalm 128:1)

Day 33. I trust in your timing Father and I wait on my promotion because I know that it can only come from you. (Psalm 75:6-7

Day 34. Deliver me from any pride that hinders the purpose and direction you have for my life. (James 4:10

Day 35. Lord Jesus, keep me on the path of righteousness so that I may be able to clearly hear your voice regarding this career change. (Psalm 84:11

Day 36. Help me move toward the future you have for me so that I don’t continue to dwell on the past. (Isaiah 43:18-19

Day 37. Bless me abundantly with the wisdom, skills, and knowledge to pursue the career pat that you have ordained for me.  (2 Corinthians 9:8

Day 38.  Prepare me and equip me for the work you have intended for me to do in this new position. (Ephesians 2:10

Day 39. Equip me, Father, so that I am able to lead others to Christ through my actions, words and the love I am able to show because of you. (Colossians 4:3-4

Day 40. Above anything, I am assured that I will see what God has planned for me as I pursue His plan for my life. (Psalm 27:13