Prayer To Help Me Stay Focused On My Goals

God grant me and my business partner/client the wisdom, the inspiration, the motivation, The right direction, and the resources To succeed in during this time of business issues or obstacles that we are facing to overcome in our business venture. Our intent is stay humble, focus on you & to receive guidance to help save this situation.

Help me stay focused on my goals And to reap honest rewards for the benefit of all. Thank You, God, for all your mercy and kind assistance. In Jesus mighty name, Amen! –


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 Prayers for Business

Starting a Business

Dear Lord, I ask for your help in starting my own business.You are my strongest ally, and my best partner.Please join me in this new venture so that I may succeedFor myself, my family and the customers I will serve.Grant me your powers of good judgment,Your wisdom and guidance,So that my business may prosper and do rightBy us all in Your Heavenly name. Thank you! Amen.

The Right Direction

God grant me the inspiration, the motivation,
The right direction, and the resources
To succeed in my new business. My intent is clear
And my will is strong. Help me stay focused on my goals
And to reap honest rewards for the benefit of all.
Thank You, God, for your kind assistance. Amen!

Prayer for a New Business

My partners and I have begun a new business.
We ask your kind blessings, Lord, to guide us on our way
To keep our hearts pure and sincere,
To bless us with the spirit of cooperation
To resist all greed and dishonest temptation,
So that we may serve our own as graciously as You serve us.
Hear our prayer, oh Lord, so that our business reap may the right profit and stay the just course. Amen!

How to Stay Focused on God

Staying focused on God can be a difficult task, even for people who consider themselves very religious or spiritual. Family, work, and entertainment are just a few of the things that often distract people from their walk with God. Thankfully, you can learn to focus on God without neglecting your other important responsibilities. Prioritize your relationship with God by setting spiritual goals for yourself, spending some time with God every day, and living by the tenets of your faith.

Evaluating Your Life

Think about your current relationship with God. Sit down when you have a quiet moment and evaluate the current state of your spiritual life. Be humble and honest with yourself. Ask yourself whether you incorporate your faith into your everyday routine, whether you use your faith to guide your decisions, and whether you feel close to God.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you discover that your spiritual life needs some work. The point of this exercise is simply to figure out where your strengths and weaknesses are right now.

Organizing Your Thoughts

Focus on one thing at a time. When we pray, it can often be easy to lose our train of thought or get sidetracked by some other idea that crosses your mind. When you write a prayer letter to God, you are able to focus on the task at hand and keep your thoughts organized.

Think about one prayer item at a time and write about it in your letter. Don’t move on to the next topic until you’ve said what you want to say about each thing.

  • The Bible tells us that we should pray ceaselessly every day. This means that we should always be talking to God throughout the day. But writing a prayer letter is a great way to spend some focused time on one particular issue rather than thinking about all the things that happen in your life.
  • Focus on getting clarity on this one issue instead of trying to resolve too many things at once.

Seek guidance from a trusted person of faith. Whatever your spiritual or religious affiliation, it can help to get advice from a leader. This person can help you identify barriers that are blocking you from deepening your relationship with God. Alternatively, they may also be able to help you see that you are actually doing quite well in your current spiritual practice.

  • Go to a trusted member of your spiritual community and explain your dilemma. Ask them how you can improve your focus on God and your spirituality.

Make time for your faith every day. Putting in a little bit of effort on a regular basis can help you stay connected to God all the time. Set aside some time for your spiritual practice every day. Take this time just as seriously as any of your other important appointments.

  • For instance, you could use your lunch hour to read faith-based texts, or you could set aside half an hour for prayer and reflection before bed. You may even go so far as to writing your spiritual practices into your schedule like any other obligation to make sure you stick to them.
  • Many people like to make their spiritual practice part of their morning routine. Spending time with God first thing in the morning can give you a positive foundation for the rest of the day.

Living Faithfully

Use your faith to guide your choices. Throughout your life, you’ll be faced with decisions, big and small. Before you make a decision, think carefully about which actions will help you achieve your spiritual goals and live by the tenets of your faith. Whenever you can, make choices that bring you closer to God.

  • Prayer can help you make good choices when you’re faced with difficult decisions.

Find ways to serve your community. Helping other people is a great way to grow in your faith and get closer to God. Look for local volunteer opportunities that reflect the values that are most important to you.

  • You may be able to find volunteer opportunities through your place of worship.